Family Center Home Image- 2016

Important Documents



Who We Are...

The Family Center is a private,
nonprofit, community service
organization dedicated to helping individuals and families enhance their own skills, recognize their potential,
and reach their own goals.

For over a century, The Family
Center has helped to strengthen and empower families because we believe that strong, healthy families create strong communities.
This work continues today with major initiatives to:
  • Provide affordable behavioral and mental health services for all
  • Empower children to achieve their fullest potential
  • Enhance family functioning, parent-child relationships, and school performance
  • Provide financial education and money management tools to help families attain economic self-sufficiency

Why We Do It...

  • To give hope back to families
  • To encourage people to dream
We believe that families are at
the heart of our society and need to be strengthened and preserved. We believe services should be affordable, accessible to all, and of high quality.

What We Do...

We provide hope, help, and healing to the more than 10,000 individuals who turn to us each year.

We are a leader in:
  • Providing affordable behavioral and mental health counseling
  • Youth Mentoring
  • Case Management
  • After-school Programs
  • Parenting Classes
  • Financial Counseling and Money Management Assistance
  • Homebuyer counseling and foreclosure
  • prevention services